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Your event is going to be amazing, picture this:


You called us, and we sat down and listened to what you wanted to do with this most precious of things, your event.  You were looking for help envisioning, how you would get people there, how to make it a meaningful gathering, what it would look like, how it would run.  We break your event down into three time frames. 

Minimalist Staircase


Blurred Motion


Women in Sports Apparel


Where will you host your event? The city? The space? We’ll help you consider all the options, offer expertise in value for money, the weather, the time of year, the availability and cost effectiveness of flights and ground transportation. Our location scouts know the beautiful spaces to fit your requirements just right. We can organize and manage your site visits to help you pick the perfect location.


Once you’ve settled on a place we can create and manage your budget and reconciliation process and do all the contract negotiation to get you the best deals in town on stuff like transportation, venues, performers. We also have great ideas about cool food and drinks options for your guests. Food trucks? Authentic local cuisine?  Picnics? Have what you want. 


Need help marketing and communicating about your event? Our team can do everything from writing your ‘save the date’ text to coming up with a marketing plan spanning social media planning, editorial and writing support, website content, graphic design. We can help you market your event to your audience and arrange for all your printed materials, tote bags and signage to be designed and delivered right to the venue for our staff to manage. 


We are experts in  meaningful program development to ensure that this gathering is not just a laundry list of plenaries, keynotes and workshops. We can help gather materials, run an RFP process for workshop applicants, and curate content. We can make your slides, write witty housekeeping notes, provide you with facts about the town you’re in, provide and advise on a Native land acknowledgement. Want to give back? Our location partners can offer a local non profit for your organization to ‘adopt’ and host a fundraiser for.  Your event starts long before the first guest arrives. We’ve thought of everything.  


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